A Small Guide on How to Create A Viral Blog

Buzzfeed did it, Upworthy did it and so did Viral Nova. If you know these three websites, you will know the reason behind writing this article. Assuming you already own a blog (this is why you read Asiogroup, don’t you?) you […]


6 WordPress Themes to Start a Viral Blog

The current trend in the blogging industry is to start a viral blog, you might have already seen one in your newsfeed, the likes of Upworthy and Distractify are all over the place, and surprisingly they all seem to be […]


Getting Started with YouTube Video Production

Producing videos on the internet is becoming more popular day by day, with the access to high speed internet becoming more common, (even in developing countries), we can watch high quality videos without any technical issues. YouTube is playing an […]


How to Get Back Your Writing Groove

Procrastination, a fancy word that I have learned lately, means exactly what I have been doing since ages. Choosing an easy task over tougher ones so that I don’t have to take the efforts of completing the tougher tasks. Yes, that is […]


A Small Guide to Create an eBook

We have talked about this several times on our blog, ads are not the only way to monetize a blog, you should certainly discover other options as well. In case you are curious, here are few ways to monetize your […]


How to Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog

No matter how clichéd it gets, it will still be true to say that Blogging is a tool to express yourself on the web. Put your heart out in the form of words and people will read and appreciate the […]